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Minoxidil (Propecia) Review – Grow Your Hair Back?

November 13, 2014

Male Enhancement Product (Review)

November 13, 2014
erection pills, nitecapx

At some time or another you’ll encounter a situation where you’ll need some help in the bedroom. Whether you want to take it to another level, having some psychological issues with your chic, maybe a physical problems like high blood pressure, or maybe you have several women to sleep with in a short amount of time. Either way, NiteCapX is the best Male Enhancement product that I’ve found.

My Youtube review was taken down for reasons that I don’t know so I’ll have to write out my review. Basically, one pill was good enough to get the job done. The manufacturer recommends 1-2 pills. Naturally my dumb ass took two the first time. BIG MISTAKE!! I was so hard when it was time to have sex that I almost couldn’t even feel her pussy. Don’t get me wrong, she was ALL INTO IT! I went in and out of her until she practically begged me to stop. She went right to sleep. The bad part was that I was still horny as hell. I know you’re going to think I’m a man whore but I left and went to another girl’s house. Can we say I fucked the shit out of her. The affects of the NiteCapX wore down a bit and I was able to let her cum a few times before I finally finished. It was awesome. I had never performed that well in my life.

NiteCapX also has a Horny Goat Weed product. It isn’t as good as the NiteCapX but it works better than all of the other shit out there. I would recommend their Goat Weed for guys that have one girl to satisfy. For those bachelors out there that really want to leave a lasting impression on your sex partners then one NiteCapX is the way to go.

1. It works. You don’t have to doubt that.
2. You can cum when you want, film sex tapes without editing, whatever.
3. It’s priced reasonably. You can usually find a good sale on their site. Occasionally you can buy the stuff for about $2/capsule or lower if you buy more than 40.

1. Might be too strong for some. Use only 1 capsule. See how it works and then if it’s not strong enough take another one. It’s based on your body mass so bigger guys (over 230 lbs) may need two.
2. There’s a lot of different herbs in there. There’s Goat Weed, Gingko, Ginseng, Kava, sea cucumber, and some other stuff. Most of these herbs affect your blood flow so if you’re older and have blood pressure issues you might want to consult your doctor before taking it. If you’re doubting how all of the herbs might affect you, just get the NiteCapX Horny Goat Weed. I believe their is a small amount of Ginseng in it but at least you don’t have the combination to worry about.
3. The price keeps going up. I remember when you could buy 20 for $20. In only a year the price has over doubled.

It’s worth it. You can go around trying all of the male enhancement supplements but NiteCapX is the best sex pill I’ve ever used. It’s still relatively cheap and the shipping is fast. If you find a good distributor, stick with them!! I only order from the main site or from distributors that link directly to the main site.
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Easy Fried Egg for Noncooking Bachelors

November 13, 2014

March 16, 2012

Bachelor 1.1

I woke up this morning and got up to brush my teeth. I looked in the mirror and said, “No your fine ass didn’t just wake up by yourself again. You did the same thing yesterday and the day before that. This is getting really old”. Its not like I really have to but the chics that I kept running into were the type that make all women look bad. At some point I decided to not even be bothered anymore. The ones that seemed alright had something about them that I couldn’t trust or they had a load that I wasn’t willing to carry.

Everyone has baggage. Some have more than others. Some have been carrying bags for so long that you can see the drama muscles in their face without them having to say a word. When someone is willing to accept you and love you when they…

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Strength of A Man

November 14, 2011

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I was asked to write about “The Strength of A Man”. I think it’s common knowledge but I suppose if everyone thought the same thing then there wouldn’t be so many problems today. If it were common knowledge we would refrain from doing so many stupid things to show how strong we are.

The strength of a man is his ability to provide security. There are no exceptions, just different ways to demonstrate strength. The measure in which a man can provide security is the measure that people use to gauge a man’s strength. Men will use whatever they have available to them to demonstrate their strength. Power, money, muscles, and cars are the preferred tools of most men. Few men have all of these things but most men have some of each and will overcompensate in one way or another for their weaker areas. If they don’t have these things they’ll even go as far as to borrow someone else’s, take pictures of them, and post them on Facebook to make others think that they’re strong. Men even use multiple women to demonstrate their strength because after all, the more women he has the more security he must be able to provide.

Security for men in this world works the same way beauty works for women. It doesn’t matter how pretty a woman is, she isn’t beautiful if she’s shallow and ugly on the inside. Likewise when men misuse their strength, they appear insecure and it compromises their real strength. No matter who you are, strength starts from within and from being secure with yourself first.

So what gives a man strength? A man feels strong when people around him feel secure because of his presence. A man wants to know that things are better when he’s around. It can easily become an egotistical attitude filled with pride, but like beauty, everyone benefits when a man is mature enough not to use superficial tools to show his strength. The character of a man is the true source of his strength and security. A child wants to know that he/she can count on Daddy to kill the monsters in the closet. Daddy wants to be the first one called to do the job and will be insulted if he’s not. Although women are holding their own financially these days, she still wants to be comforted with compliments and encouraged with consistent faithfulness. She wants her insecurities secured. A man is strengthened when he believes he is seen as the provider of security.

Nobody respects a weak man. Security comes in a lot of forms and men do what they can to be the providers of all of them. If you want to play with a man’s ego in real-time, tell him he makes you feel safe physically, financially, and emotionally. Feel his arms, bury your head in his chest, and smile like he’s comfort food. You’ll witness him poke his chest out and look like an idiot. He can’t help it because it’s a physiological response. It’s in him to desire to be the provider of security. Attack a man’s ability to provide security and you have attacked his manhood.

What good is money if he is too selfish to use it to provide security for his family? What good are muscles if he doesn’t have the heart to protect anyone?  Men are proud about the amount of security they are able to provide.  It’s one of the first laws of the man code.  The strength of a man is beautiful. Beauty comes from within and men are strengthened when we are seen as the providers . The strength of a man is security.

I’m Through Fucking (Amu Uso-Blog)

July 6, 2011

I'm Through Fuckin'

Until This Night

I’m a very visual person.  I often sit back and wonder what women are thinking and I get lost.  I can literally look in a woman’s eyes and know when things have went entirely too far.   I can see and hear the band that plays the crazy music in her brain.  I get concerned when I’m the guy erratically banging on the drums.  In real life I play the drums pretty good, but in her eyes I’m offbeat because I’m not doing things the way she wants me to do them.  It’s never been my intention to make women crazy so I tell them my intentions right up front, but it doesn’t matter.  You can set your boundaries all you want with a woman and say things like, “it’s just sex” or “we’re just going to hang out”, but if you touch her heart, the rules no longer apply.

It’s not a popular thing for a man to say, but I’m a hopeless romantic.  I love passion.   I know what passion does to a woman.   It makes everything better, especially sex.  You’re supposed to start making love to her from the time you wake up and every opportunity you get throughout the day until you finally get her naked.  The flirting, compliments, kisses, random phone calls, and presents throughout the day lead to an explosive night of sex.  She’ll be damn near about to burst before you even get inside of her.  I like to incorporate passion with my lovemaking even if it’s “just sex”.  I can separate it in my brain.  The full body kisses, the hands, the scoop, my swoop, how I press, and so many other intense maneuvers.  I’m a musician so I can make every limb on my body stimulate different parts of a woman at the same time like I’m playing a piano or a guitar.  I may not have a Shaquille O’neil dick, but I know what I’m doing with mine….that’s the problem.

“Just sex” doesn’t mean that much to me.  Half the time I don’t even remember sleeping with these chics, but they don’t forget.  I can’t tell you how many times a woman has laid on my chest in the morning looking all googley-eyed and talking as if she loved me.  I try to put the pieces together and look for the used condom but then I just have to come out and ask, “Did we have sex”.  That question causes an immediate smile-wipe on a woman’s face.  I’ve been told to “Get the fuck out” or “What the hell” more times that I’m willing to admit.  It was just sex to me, but it’s not fun to me unless I’ve incorporated your mind and imitated love making.  It feels better like that when I see I have your mind.  I can pretend but most women can’t.

I like good girls.  The type of women I like aren’t able to separate things like that.  I’ve known that but I’ve been in denial.  I’m turned off by heartless women because they’re hoes.  Nothing against hoes, I just rather not be with one.  But if I’m going to be a ho, then it’s only fair that I sleep with hoes, but I don’t want hoes.  I want a real woman that can handle the kind of passion that I can give her without me having to call the police on her ass.  These past couple of years I’ve had my house window smashed, the police have come to check on me, married and engaged women have lied and manipulated so much in their own relationships all to get some of this passionate dick.  I’ve been selfish because I know how to separate sex, passion, and fairy tales.  The kind of women I like can’t do that.  I got some great dick, but I have more to offer than that and I think women see that.

Women that have slapped me in public, skidded up and down my driveway, tracked me on GPS, hacked my internet accounts, and much more have told me that I’m a great man.   If I’m so great then what’s the problem?  It’s this dick ain’t it?   To keep making the same mistakes would be idiotic.  No more carrying guns, looking over my shoulder for crazy husbands and boyfriends, or waiting for HIV tests to come back over some sex I don’t even remember.  The kind of sex I like is the kind you do during marriage.  I thank God he kept me all of this time and free from all of those things.  My future wife deserves a good dick like mine.  I want to give it to her whenever she wants it.  She deserves it.  The next woman getting this dick is my wife.  You hoes can try to kill somebody else with your confusing double talk.  I’m done fucking until my wedding night.  This is my vow to celibacy.


How I Got Fired

July 2, 2011
One of the best things that's ever happened to me


Are you happy at your job? Do they make you feel appreciated? Are they using you to your full potential for their benefit while making you happy? Good companies and good managers know how to create and maintain a win-win situation with their employees. Employees that feel as if their skills are being utilized to its full potential are more satisfied in their professional careers than those that are not.

Unfortunately, most people get a steady paycheck and start looking like gerbils. They run around on a comfortable wheel inside of a cage for 20 years going through the same routine until they retire. They go to work everyday complaining about management and how things should be different, but as soon as the master comes around they’re singing a different tune and doing everything to make ma’ssah smile. I’m using a parable from slavery times but I’m not talking about any specific race. I’ve seen more Caucasian slaves in the workplace than Black, so spare me the letters please. I’m talking about people that have their own dreams but pass on them because some company holds a carrot in front of you that allows you to pay your bills. That carrot provides everything you need for a week or two but then you need another carrot. The only thing that you miss out on is your dreams and aspirations. Are you really going to trade a lifetime of dreams so that you can have a new iPod?  There’s nothing wrong with that. A gerbil lives a good life considering that he’s incarcerated for the benefit of someone else’s amusement and profit. Run on your wheel and make cute faces for your boss so he/she can feed you.  I used to sit and listen to people complain about their bosses and their jobs all day.  Why complain about a situation that you can change?  Achieving your dreams and goals just takes sacrifice and determination.

I worked for a company that didn’t know how to make their employees happy, nor did they know how to utilize their resources to benefit the overall business operations. I got pissed off one day and decided to speak my mind directly to the CEO and head management. I was fired that same day. It was one of the best days of my life because it was the start of a new beginning. I sent this note to my job and did some other things. It’s sort of a personal letter so I don’t expect it to hold your interest.  Long story short, if you see an opportunity to make it to freedom, set your eyes on the prize and run.  If you never see an opportunity… then make one.  This is how I got fired…. #trueStory
Hello Kara,
I’m staying home sick today. Please do not bother me.

Side note: Your management style and attitude is appalling. Maybe it is
reflective of the overall leadership there. Maybe it is just you. What I
do know is that the morale at that organization is
fatally low. But I’ll get back to that. Since you’ve taken over, you have
came in like an unapologetic inconsiderate bulldog. I will go in
chronological order:

The snow day incident: You wrote me up because you thought I was being
insubordinate for not calling and not showing up. When in fact it was
determined that I did call and I wasn’t able to get through
so I sent an email. You kept trying to say you didn’t get the email but
some people have a knack for computers and I knew you received it before
we even met in the HR office. It was later determined
that it was in your ‘spam box’. For one single unique email to go your spam
box requires extraordinary email filters. Therefore, it is very hard to
believe that it went to your spam box.
Regardless, you had no apology. You had nothing to say about it at all. So
you had me sitting down in the HR office because you claim you didn’t hear
from me on one of the worst snow days in the last 20 years in St. Louis.
I’m so glad I emailed Payroll so they could appropriately dock my time because
you probably still would deny receiving it to this day.

Alex Strinni is one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. I rarely talk to Alex
and Fran but they are good people. We’re trying to teach you how to
manage us. You came into the office accusing him of not knowing the budget. Several times you prodded at him and insisted that he didn’t know what he was talking about. This went on for a few minutes. Come to find out you had the wrong budget in your hands. You
cut that man down because you didn’t know what the hell you were talking about, yet
you didn’t even have the decency to apologize to him.

Like I said in the HR office, “This is a new relationship”. I’ve been
operating in this position for over 3 years. I know when my budget is due. I
know what I’m supposed to do and when I supposed to do it.  When I started
organizing the March event, you had so much input on when I should do
this, how I should do that. I followed those instructions and began
setting that up. Then you invited the boss and told me to
wait on her confirmation..ok, fine, no big deal. Then you decided it was
too late to do anything and that it and it should be put off and that I should
buy gift cards to distribute..ok, fine. Then the boss sends me an email asking if we’re still on for March 15th. I
replied no. She in turn sends another email telling me that the budget is
over at the end of the month…ok, I already knew that
and I’m spending the funds accordingly. All you guys have to do is approve
what I’m sending so the budget can be spent. If you want an explanation of
the budget then I have that for you, just ask, but if not then approve
the funds. My question is, why is the boss contacting me anyway when
you’re the one that brought her into all of this? You’re the one that
began explaining things to her then wouldn’t it make sense to keep that
line of communication because I don’t know what you told her? We could
have all met and she could have heard first hand, but since you’re such an
inconsiderate micromanager, the boss emails me asking about stuff that
you should have told her because again… you’re the one that started that
conversation with her. I was willing to tell her whatever she wanted, but
instead I assume she calls you for whatever reason because you call me
immediately asking for the State’s phone number. You didn’t tell me
what you were calling them for or anything. If we’re a team, why wouldn’t
you tell me what you were calling them for? Consider this, how foolish
does it look for you to contact them before meeting with me?
Micromanaging at it’s finest. To be a micromanager you have to stay on
top of every detail and you’re not doing that. You open up these side
conversations and change plans without including people. I’m not cutting
you down by no means, I’m just telling you what you’re doing. There are
other things but I doubt if you people even read this entire letter so
I’ll sum this up.

Take that how you want it. Do what you feel is appropriate after reading
this but I’m going to finish this budget year from working from home.
Right now, I have other things to do. I’m sick and my family in several
areas have been affected by this earthquake that people there probably
don’t give a damn about since they force their employees to come out in blizzard conditions
with reckless regard to their lives. I will continue to work but
I’m going to do it from home. I’m not coming in there until you upgrade
your micromanaging communication style and be more considerate to
people. That takes therapy, so don’t call me next week telling me that you
changed because therapy takes longer than that. Have a good weekend.

“You’re fired”….

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